Karate King Kung Fu Fight Game 2.6.2

Karate Game – Unleash Your Martial Arts Mastery

Are you a martial arts enthusiast? Want to play a fighting game in which you get to execute karate and Kung Fu moves? If yes, then you will find this karate game to your liking. Karate King Kung Fu Fighting Game is a fun game in which you get to engage in 1v1 fights using fighters skilled in karate and Kung Fu. It successfully captures the essence of martial arts in a mobile gaming format and delivers a captivating blend of thrilling combat, intricate techniques, and stunning visuals. Your goal in this game is to defeat your opponents by making use of high-flying punches and kicks as well as special martial arts moves. Finding the balance between offence and defense is the key to victory.
Karate King Kung Fu
Karate King Kung Fu Fighting Game has dynamic and engaging gameplay, which is well-complemented by impressive visuals that elevate the gaming experience to a new level. All the character models are meticulously designed, showcasing detailed animations and lifelike movements. The environments, ranging from traditional dojos to bustling urban landscapes, are visually stunning and contribute to the overall immersion. That’s not all. The attention to detail extends to the special move animations. Each kick, punch, and counter move is executed with precision, making the combat sequences a joy to watch. The controls of this karate game are intuitive that cater to both novice players and seasoned fighters. There are on-screen buttons for punches, kicks, blocks, and special moves, allowing for fluid and precise execution of techniques.
Karate King Kung Fu
You get to play a variety of game modes in this karate game. The primary mode is the levels mode in which you have to defeat AI opponents to enhance your level. You get rewarded with coins for winning each fight in this mode. The winnings can be increased by watching video ads. Karate King Kung Fu Fighting Game lets you participate in a knockout tournament too. In this mode, you have to knockout opponents one by one to win the tournament. There is a multiplayer and arcade mode available too that can be unlocked by reaching a particular level. Other game modes included in this game are Break- King, Wreck-Rush, Self Defense, and Dragon Hunt. You can earn extra coins and tokens from these game modes.
Karate King Kung Fu
Karate King Kung Fu Fighting Game allows you to experience a diverse range of martial arts styles. From Karate and Kung Fu to Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you can choose from a roster of skilled fighters, each with their unique set of moves and abilities. You can unlock new fighters either by spending the coins you have earned or by watching video ads. Also, you can enhance the power and health levels of your fighters by spending coins too. There is also the option available to unlock different outfits for each of your fighters. The AI opponents in this karate game could use some tweaking, as the difficulty level spikes inconsistently. While some fights are challenging and rewarding, others feel disproportionately difficult, leading to occasional frustration.


  • A wide range of fighters to choose from
  • Multiple game modes
  • Levels mode for fighting AI opponents
  • Win fights to earn coins
  • Knockout fighters in the Knockout Tournament
  • Multiplayer mode for fighting other players’ fighters
  • Earn lots of coins in the Arcade mode
  • Outfits available for each of your fighters


Karate King Kung Fu Fighting Game is a game for fans of fighting games that have a particular interest in martial arts. It lets you fight with a diverse roster of fighters and experience a wide range of fighting styles ranging from karate to Kung Fu. You will enjoy the variety of game modes available in this karate game.

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